Valentine’s Day; When Love Hurts

It was valentines day. I was ecstatic about the gift I was going to give my husband. We loved Disney and visited the parks 2x per year. During one of our visits, we had splurged on a gorgeous Disney print. It had been in our closet for over a year, and this valentines day I... Continue Reading →


Abusive Intimidation

  I didn't rewind the videotape. I made supper, fed the children, cleaned up then sat at the table to eat my meal. He wanted to watch a movie. This was back before DVD's were popular. Our daughter had been watching Thomas the Tank Engine all week long and we kept replaying the same movie... Continue Reading →

Types of Verbal Abuse #11-15

According to Patricia Evan’s in The Verbally Abusive Relationship, There are 15 different types of verbal abuse: Purchase her book here:  **You can find Types of Verbal Abuse #1-5 HERE **You can find Types of Verbal Abuse #6-11 HERE 11. Name Calling ~"You are a cruel, cruel woman." He held the door open to the van... Continue Reading →

Are You Telling Me God is Abusive? Emotional Abuse part 4 Guest Rose Perry

*Thank you Rose Perry for sharing part of your story in regard to patriarchy and emotional abuse Littlebirdflies asked me to discuss emotional abuse caused by patriarchy for her. It's not an easy topic to tackle because patriarchy is sometimes abusive, but not always. Unfortunately, it lends itself to abuse easily, and it lends itself... Continue Reading →

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