Pastors: stop putting women down with your cheap laugh lines

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I recently tweeted:

If you are listening to a sermon and they use “You know how women are, they always …” for a laugh line, it’s OK to get up and walk out.

That must have struck a nerve, because this is turning out to be the most re-tweeted thing I’ve ever written on twitter. I think it’s because a lot of people have been hurt by humor from the pulpit that’s just not funny.

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I’ve heard it from liberals and conservatives, from egalitarians and complementarians, from men about women and women about men. The lesson here is that it’s never appropriate to use a put-down for a cheap laugh in an effort to make a point about Jesus.

Not Just Sermons

One pastor at a recent conference tweeted:

It’s exciting to be in a room with 1,300+ people none of whom are Rachel Held Evans fans. It gives me hope…

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