Guns and Domestic Violence in Washington

There are a lot of facts, figures, and statistics on domestic violence and violence against women that I follow quite closely on a regular basis. During the month of January, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of really amazing training where I learned a lot! I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of the interesting statistics that I learned. Some of these stats boggled my mind! In the aftermath of the #metoo movement and the millions of women who are learning to use their voice, I wanted to share with you the staggering stats that will drive home to each of just what devastation domestic abuse is causing in my state!! I also wanted to highlight the true stats regarding gun use in domestic violence and how it relates to the increased risk of DV homicide.

Hopefully, by reading these facts, you will become a little wiser, a little more compassionate and a little more ready to change your world 😀

So let’s jump into it:

In Washington State          

·         In SPOKANE, where I am from, 75% of murders are related to Domestic violence (

·         Someone dies from a gunshot wound in Washington every 14 hours. (Center for American Progress)

·         Approx. 30 women are killed with a gun in Washington state per year (

·         Between 2003 and 2012, 226 women were murdered with guns in Washington—50 percent more than the number of soldiers from Washington killed during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. (Crime and Firearms Policy)

·         1/3 of all murders of women in WA occur because of Domestic Violence (Crime and Firearms Policy)

·         From 2003 to 2012, 51.9 percent of female domestic violence homicide victims in Washington were killed with a gun. (FBI)

·         14.3% off all offenses reported to authorities are domestic violence offenses (Danger Assessment)

·         73% of women who were murdered, were killed with a gun

·         42% were homicide and suicide (killed her/killed himself)

·         69% of domestic violence homicides happen in the home (2016 DV fatalities in WA state)

·         Perpetrators used firearms in 56% of domestic violence homicides. (ibid)

·         In Spokane, Domestic Violence criminals relinquish their guns less than 1% of the time

·         In 2015, there were over 4,200 domestic  violence-related offenses in Spokane County (

·         19% of adults in Spokane, reported that at some time they have been hit, slapped, punched, kicked or physically hurt by an intimate partner. (ibid)

·         Domestic Violence offenses made up 50.2% of all Crimes Against Persons in WA (2016 Crime in WA report)

·         There were a total of 52,159 domestic violence incidents reported; 10,884 of these incidents were Violations of Protection or No Contact Orders*. (ibid)

·         The weapon type of “Personal Weapons” (hands, fists or feet) was reported in 42,172 incidents; firearms were reported in 6,509 incidents (up to three weapons can be reported in each incident). (ibid)

·         49.7% of violent crimes are committed against women (ibid)

·         10,884 offenses of Violation of No Contact/Protection Order were domestic violence-related.  This accounts for 75.4% of the reported offenses. (ibid)

·         In a study of women enrolled at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, healthcare costs were 42% higher for those who reported ongoing domestic violence compared to women who did not report domestic violence

·         In 30%– 60% of cases, domestic violence and child abuse occur in the same families (ibid)

In Spokane, Domestic Violence criminals relinquish their guns less than 1% of the time (SPD)

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