Were We Created to Marry Young?

Were we created to marry young? Would it even be considered ‘young marriage’ if we were really intended to marry before 18, much less bear children. Does God value the state of marriage MORE then he values the mental, emotional, physical and sexual health of those who are married? I’d love some feedback on this article. There is a large following of people who identify themselves as Christian but do not follow the path of Jesus. Instead they enslave the weak and poor and call it ‘christian’.

Sing Out Loud and Strong

Well…. how young are you thinking? 20? 25? 16? 18? 13?

I read an article (which horrified me in it’s incorrect assumptions and conclusions, so I’m not linking it) recently that stated:

The undisputed optimal age biologically for a woman to have a baby is around age 16.


For one, it’s wrong. Completely and unequivocally. A quick Google search of medical studies on this matter found that physiologically, the safest biological age for child-bearing is 20-24, according to a study by The New England Journal of Medicine. Other scientific studies have supported this and shown repeatedly that there are increased risks to girls under the age of 20 during pregnancy. It’s simple enough to research the science if you have an internet connection.

In addition, children do not have the emotional and mental maturity for marriage. According to a study found at Psychology Today, it states:

Regions that…

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