Let’s Do This, Together (By Neil Schori)

I am often told that I can’t change society, the church etc. That my work doesn’t make a long lasting change. I often feel discouraged that this is exactly the case but this story, this blog, proves that change can and will happen! I am please to reblog this great article….

Amy R. Buckley

sw_aundrelarrow-2Christian communities are not immune to intimate partner abuse and violence. May more churches step up to the plate to become safe havens for the one in three women who suffer. Education and practical training can make a life and death difference.

In 2007, I worked for a large church in the Chicago suburbs. I’d been a pastor for about five years and I served in the capacities of counseling and care. I felt certain of the calling God had placed on my life, and I loved getting to meet people in their moments of personal pain and struggle. In the short time I’d been in ministry, I’d become convinced that I had “seen it all.” I took great pleasure in being able to apply my previous knowledge and experiences to the new people God sent my way.

My (over)confidence was shattered on August 31, 2007. I met with Stacy…

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