No More Excuses

This is such a great blog! I learn so much from her insights.

Sing Out Loud and Strong


Society has provided abusers with many excuses that they try to take advantage of to dismiss or justify their actions. I hear these all the time, and I cringe when I do.

There is no excuse for abuse.

Here are some “reasons” I suspect you will recognize:

  • He was inebriated from drugs or alcohol
    • you choose to drink. You choose to abuse. If you get violent when drunk, don’t drink. It’s a choice.
  • He was abused as a child
    • many people are abused as children and go on to make better choices
  • He “corrects” because he cares about me
    • violence is not caring or loving actions
    • you are an adult, not a child to be corrected
  • He has a mental illness
    • If he knows he has a mental illness, he has a responsibility to seek treatment
  • He didn’t mean it
    • yes, he did
  • He was upset about work
    • and how is that your fault?

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