Why Did I Leave?

What did it take to make you leave? Rose shares with us her journey and experience getting out of her abusive marriage.

Sing Out Loud and Strong


Why did I leave? Why didn’t I try harder to make my marriage work? Why didn’t I leave sooner? Why didn’t I stay gone the first time? Why didn’t I file a police report? Why didn’t I get a restraining order? Why didn’t I go back again?

There are many why’s. I’ve heard them all in my journey out of domestic violence.

I’m guessing some of those “why’s” might surprise you. It’s often asked “Why did she stay?” or “Why didn’t she leave sooner?” or even “Why did she go back?”

The other “why’s” — “Why didn’t you try harder?”, “Why did you leave?”, “Why didn’t you give him another chance?” Those I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect to be disbelieved when I revealed the abuse in our home. I didn’t expect our pastor to show up in my new home and tell me I should give him a second…

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