Too much to do…

The little stuff has been on my mind lately. Laundry, boxes, dishes, laundry, the huge mess in the garage and the copious amount of laundry that needs to be washed and then sorted! All the things that I was going to get to, but never quite got to, over the last year. Now, I look at it all and my heart sinks into my overwhelmed and sick feeling stomach. I shiver and turn away and go drink some coffee for moral support. Consequently, it never gets done and stays on my mind.

Finally, after agonizing over it and a huge amount of personal hits on my self esteem, I took it to Jesus. All this little stuff that has turned into big stuff that is just too much for me to take care of, I had to figure out how to get it done.
Me- “What do I do with it Jesus? How can I get this done? It’s embarrassing and discouraging and I hate everything about it.”
Jesus- “Pretend like you are moving”
I just love it when He puts things into perspective and clears away the confusion.
Me- “Oh wow! You are right! I can pretend that I’m moving and get rid of everything that I wouldn’t want to pack!”
Jesus- “and celebrate the small achievements”
Me- “CELEBRATE!! YAY! Thank you Lord that is just the perspective I needed.” (remember in Dec. He made the theme of my year ‘celebration’?)

OK, so I understand that this was pretty simple and to those of you who do not struggle with household organization this will seem a bit odd to you. My point is though, that Jesus knows me (and you) so only He was able to speak the perspective into my situation that I needed.
This week, while talking to Jesus, I caught up on washing, folding, sorting, putting away and getting rid of the ridiculous amounts of laundry. Piles of clothes that my 3 kids have outgrown are now out the door! I also cleaned out the front entryway closet and found the snow pants that we needed to go snow tubing today… SNOWTUBING, what a great way to celebrate!!10425889_10152711747398299_6918054601568007085_n


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