Hope and Celebration!

So much about the new year drives us to look forward. To dream about the future and to plan for our dreams. This new year, however, I am looking behind me. 2014 was difficult and very confusing.  It started with devastating loss and loss seemed to be a recurring theme throughout most of the year.

At the beginning of 2014, I asked Jesus what His theme for my year would be and he replied with “restoring the joy”. Immediately I felt hopeful that this would be a fun year, a year of happiness and yes, dare I say, easiness.  I can tell you, most of 2014 was anything but joyful much less easy!

So here I am, entering a new year and I still don’t completely understand what happened this last year. I am asking Him “Joy? Lord, what joy? Did I mishear you? Did I misunderstand?” and  tenderly he speaks deeply into my heart “I have given you the deepest of all joy. I have given you freedom from bondage. The bondage that was holding you back from becoming the woman I intend you to be for my kingdom. You did well, daughter. You fought hard in the fight and you allowed me to fight with you. So here is your Joy.” The tears poured down my face as I heard encouragement and pride from my Father. Hearing that I had fought well prompted me to be brave.  So I timidly asked,  “Jesus, what is your theme for me for 2015?” and he replied excitedly “Celebration”.

Celebration. Just that one word leaves me with chills of anticipation running down my spine. It took all of 2014 to understand what His Joy looks like. So on the beginning of a new year, I know,  that He intends to love me and mold me through more then just parties and dances. He is going after soul deep celebration, just like He went after restoring my soul to His Joy.

Tonight, I look away from the tumultuous past year.  I turn my face forward, with anticipation, toward the new year. With joy securely tucked into my heart, I can honestly say that I am excited to learn from my Jesus exactly what His celebration in my life will look like.


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