10257077_10152328683553299_6223122682393562979_nThe water beckoned me….No, He beckoned me. My heart raced as I stepped into the cool water. I longed to lift my arms and place them around his neck. My mind searched for all the right words that I could say to Him.
I heard his soft laughter as the waves gently pushed against my legs. Closer and closer i came toward him as I waded deeper into the blue water.
I made contact with him, somewhere deep inside my soul. The beating of my heart increased with anticipation. I stopped walking. I stood very still. I could feel the gentle stroke of his fingers against my cheek. He ruffled my hair and whispered in my ear. “Beloved,” he said to me “come away with me.”
Slowly, I raised my arms. My hands reached out to embrace him.
Again, I heard his laughter. This time playfully as he splashed me with the waves. My shorts get wet but I didn’t care. Over and over he laughed as the water hits me…i giggled at his playful love for me.
This is romance. This is love. This is where my walls start to crumble as he whispered into my heart words that my soul longs to hear. “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” I took another step deeper into the water. My body longed to dance with him. I began to sway to the rhythm of the breeze and waves. I opened my eyes and my sight fell on the most beautiful horizon. Colors that can only be seen through a lovers eyes.
A song of praise rose from somewhere deep inside of me.

He is here with me; has come to this place for me. I am his beloved and He is mine.
Behold, you are beautiful, my love;
behold, you are beautiful. Song of Solomon 1:15


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