True Love

The Lord Jesus came to me, He spoke to me and He answered my deepest souls questions. I am full in Him.

I wish relationships on this earth were as transparent as they are with Jesus. If only we as humans could turn to one another in love and confess our sins, our shortcomings…confess our ‘truth’ and know that our loved one will forgive. Oh, that we could hear the confessions of our loves and be willing to forgive! Oh, if only we were safe in our relationships as humans. Safe to be the real us, safe to really turn our hearts over and love fully without the reality of pain and being hurt or rejected or lied to or sinned against. I want a relationship on this earth where truth rules. Where there are no secrets that will hurt one another. A relationship that reflects Jesus and the purity He offers. My heart cries for real transparency with another human. A place where I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

I must remember, my First love is Jesus and He promises to never stop loving me. I am His FIRST choice. I am His beloved. I am His hearts desire. He never chooses me only as a second choice. When really there is someone else He would rather have. NO, He chooses me because His heart longs to be connected to my heart. He doesn’t choose me because He feels sorry for me. He loves me. His kingdom is not complete without me in it! He goes after my heart because He loves me so much He wants to heal me. He knows my strengths and my weaknesses. I am beautiful. He desires me. He Longs for me. He has nothing to hide from me. No secrets that will break my heart. Nothing that He has done ‘behind my back’ that ‘what I don’t know wont hurt’. He is transparent with me and invites me to be transparent with Him. Jesus totally accepts me. He does nothing that will hurt me. I can rest, totally and completely confident of His complete, never ending love.

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. SS 6:3


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