Life and Death

Jesus said that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10 Satan specializes in all things negative and evil. The Bible also says that our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8
Why then am I so surprised when I or one of my loved ones am slapped across the face by Satan’s big meaty paws?
This week we learned of the suicide death of an amazing man. A man who changed the lives of hundreds of thousands across the world and brought them to the cross of Jesus. A man whose every waking moment was spent advancing the kingdom. A man who wore a perpetual smile and was always upbeat. A man who accomplished things in his 51 years that most of us only dream of doing with any of our life years.
I did not know him personally, but I knew him through others who loved him. I saw and experienced just a little bit of the power of Jesus through him in how he influenced those I care about.

But, in his life, somewhere, somehow there was something that happened. A moment, a word, a thought or an action that grew and blossomed until it planted itself clearly in this man’s human heart. This lie, whatever it was, was accepted by him as truth, as a statement of who he was and what his life meant. At that moment of wounding, Satan moved in, prowling, he kept rubbing that wound and reinforcing that lie. The enemy of his heart
found this his wound and fed upon it. Satan stole this mans hope, killed this mans passion and destroyed this mans life. The enemy knew that by taking out this one man of God, he would also take out some of the followers who were influenced by this man; Those whose faith was new or weak. He plans to move into those wounded hearts and start his work of devastation there as well. One by one his agenda is to take us all out. Heart by heart he desires to destroy us. Life by life he wants to kill us.

As Jesus followers, we must be aware that we cannot always see the devastation behind another’s smile. We must not presume that their life, their hope is intact. We as Christians have become very good at hiding our pain and disguising our struggles. We want to be the perfect Christian, the model believer, but this, friends, leaves a space wide open for the devil, our enemy to come in and work his evil.

Jesus was so real about pain and sin. He will always move into those places of dark hurt with us. He defies those lies we believe about ourselves. He comforts us, forgives us and loves us. He heals us. He alone can save us.

When a man who is so strong falls prey to the enemy we question. We can’t help but question. Why? Where were you? Why did you not stop it? Where is love in this? Do you hear me? Do you still care?
God can handle those questions. He hurts, friends. He hurts along with us. This world is pain. Sin is evil. Anger is insidious. Death is everywhere.
So what happened? How could this man of God take his life? Where did his hope go? What do we do now?
God says that the enemy comes to kill and destroy and in this case he succeeded. God also said that the final victory will be His! Jesus reigns! Death and pain is only for a time here. This man, who Jesus desperately loved, who Jesus died for, he made a choice and His choice was made unclearly and fogged up in depression and desperation cast upon him by the demonic forces prowling around him. He was a victim of this sinful world! He is who Christ died for! The Hope of Christ is alive!
Jesus says that he came into this world not to condemn the world but to SAVE the world through his death and resurrection. John 3:17. He came to give us LIFE! Not just any life but an abundant life! John 10:10 He promises that his burden is light and his life style is easy Matthew 11:30. Jesus desire is that you will LIVE. He knew you before you were born Jer 1:5, He planned you before you were in your mother’s womb. His plans are for your good, for your success and for your future. He plans for you a future!!

Satan comes to destroy you. Jesus comes to save you.
Satan comes to kill you. Jesus comes to give you life.
Satan plans to weigh you down with guilt, regrets, negativity and hopelessness. Jesus is the author of hope, He offers forgiveness and does not condemn you. Satan wants to steal your heart, your soul and your life. Jesus wants to create a new and beautiful heart in you. He offers you a new life and will save your soul for eternity. Sometimes, we as believers will become victims of this sinfilled world but Jesus has WON our hearts. He has overcome death in all its forms. He is victorious and our friend, this amazing man of God is safe in the arms of Jesus.

As we grieve, as we cry and as we mourn let us remember the eternal hope of salvation.

Even now Lord Jesus, COME!
Look to Jesus during these hard times my friends. Put your life in His hands


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