Jesus Speaks…

I just love it when Jesus speaks to me. I am so glad that he does! Last week Jesus spoke. He said one word. Just one word that was all I needed to hear.

It had been a difficult week with 3 deaths in my family and my 3 children off to visit their dad for the week. I was lonely, afraid, sad and tired. So much has been going on this month and I was having a hard time thinking through and processing it all.

I decided to take a bath and have a chat with God.
“Jesus, do you hear me? Can you see me? do you understand how hard this is? Is there any hope Jesus? Is there anyone who will stand with me or am I destined to be alone? Am I too much? Can anyone love me in my mess? Is there anyone who could ever WANT to love me? love my children?”
These were the cries of my heart and even though my mind knew the answers to these questions my heart was feeling so alone and so abandoned. I felt more questions than answers.

Then it happened. As the hot water flowed and my body began to warm, Jesus spoke one word….

I smiled. I actually laughed! The only answer I needed.

Jesus is my answer. Jesus is my Love. Jesus is my beloved. Jesus is my hope. Jesus is my Joy. Jesus is my defender. Jesus is my husband. Jesus is my Saviour. Jesus is my Life. Jesus is my all in all. Jesus is my Friend. Jesus is Eternal life. Jesus is the father to the fatherless. Jesus is my Safety.


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