My Friend…

My Friend

Jesus loves you. He loves you. He has loved you through all of it. He loved you when you were a girl being hurt by someone you loved. He loved you while you were being yelled at, blamed, hurt and accused. He was with you during your loneliness, hiding and crying. Friend, Jesus loves you. He was there with you, holding you, whispering strength to you while your husband turned his back on you, when you made choices that would hurt you, when you held the gun. He never left you. He never let you completely walk away from Him. He heard you crying, He held you in his arms after your drunken, drugged out night of waste. He stroked your face and kissed your brow when you fell on your knees and yelled at Him. He can take your anger, friend. It’s ok to be angry. He understood when you felt useless, ugly, used, unhappy, wrong and defiled. He saw you when you pretended to be perfect, a christian, a life-giver. He heard your defeating self thoughts of hatred, guilt and accusation. He knows you. He knows your story. He knows your prayers. He knows your heart.


Friend, He wants to love you. Let Him love you. Cast aside your seeking…you have been found. Found by your lover, your husband, your father. The ONLY man who can ever completely fulfill you is standing right here. Stop fighting…you have been won. Allow Jesus to hold you in His arms, see the look of complete adoration he has for YOU in His eyes. He knows you. He desires you. He has fought for you. He LONGS for you. He Cherishes you.

My Friend, Jesus has a life for you. A new life. A life of hope, of good choices, of respect and of love. All of this He has for you if only you will stop running away and trying to find all of that somewhere else and from someone else. NOBODY else can offer you life.

Please friend, stop where you are. Stand, kneel, lay down or sit…He is waiting for you on bended knee extending eternal life to you…He wants to give you more than a ring…He wants to give you LIFE! Will you say ‘yes’ to His proposal? Will you let Him shoulder all that you have been, all that you have thought and experienced. Will you allow Him to give you His strength?

Push aside your fears, friend. “I am here for you. No condemnation. We will start over together. I love you. Jesus”


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