Leave it all Behind

The Bible says “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. Matt 6:19
What matters?
I have been in the place where I had to choose between my family and my belongings. I chose to pack 7 days worth of clothes into suitcases, took what we needed to survive and drove away from it all. I left my pet, my clothes, my books, my collections, toys, memories, the life I had known for 14 years. I did it and I don’t regret it.
I can honestly say that I could/would do it again. I can walk away and as long as those I love with all my heart are with me…I can find happiness. A broken glass, scratched table, marked up pillow case….none of it matters as much as the people in my life some of whom did those things.
Isnt’ that how it is with Jesus. He chose to leave heaven, his perfect home with no blemish, no scratches, no noise and come to this dirty, scratched, marked up world. We were so deeply imbedded in His heart that He walked away with NOTHING and came to us, touched us, held us, talked to us. Let that sit deep in your heart for a moment. Gold streets for dirty sandles, singing angels for weeping humans, life for death.
The best part is that He’d do it all again 😀
I would do it again! I would walk away, I know without any doubt where my heart, desire and love is. It is not found in the walls of my house. I cannot find it in my beautiful shoes. It is not hiding in my linens or my glasses or my most expensive necklace. My heart, my treasure is stored up in Jesus and in my children.
YOU are Jesus treasure. His heart, his love, his treasure is found in YOU! He’d do it all again. He’d do it all again!


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