What is Love?

Change in plan…this post is NOT about Eve.

Greater Love has no man than this. That he will lay down his life for a friend. John 15:13

True Love. What is it? What makes it?

Jesus said that for us to have true love we must be willing to die for another. It is hard enough to die  for ourselves but even harder for another person. Most us would die for our children. Some of us would die for their spouse. A few of us would die for a friend. Almost nobody would die for a stranger. The death that Jesus calls us to is MORE than physical death. One can die to dreams, desires, possessions and lifestyle. Dying simply means that the other person is more important to you then anything you cherish in your life or for yourself. True Love means You are willing to give, lay down, hand over, let go of and no longer desire YOUR life above their life.

Jesus gave up His life for us. Have you ever thought about this idea beyond the “church words”. Jesus left His life in heaven, everything He knew. He was a King, He had all the power, all the freedom, all the glory, and all the honor.  He had the fancy house, the adoring angels, and  the entire universe was under His command. Yet, He gave it up. He cashed it all in. He chose to be responsible for all of Human kinds survival. True Love is a choice. A choice to put another ahead of you.  Can you imagine being responsible for saving the entire Universe?? Jesus understood what he was sacrificing. His “golden life” in Heaven would no longer be His. Even after He came back He would be put to work as our  mediator. He gave up his freedom, His spirithood, His Glory, His Kingliness….all of it gone.

I wonder if He had to think about it? Did He weigh the pros and cons? Did He analyze what effect it would have on Him personally to do this thing? Did He ever say “Hmmm, are these humans worth it? I have a perfect existence as the Son of the most High. I live in Heaven! Their eternal death really doesn’t have to impact me very much. I can create more of them. Afterall, They left me. They chose this life of sin. Why should I rescue them? I can just move on. I like my streets of Gold, my adoring angels, life on My terms…I just don’t know if they are worth it!”

Thank Him that He did NOT think these things! His True love for us compelled Him, gave Him courage and made Him regard us as worthy of not only His human life but also of His entire Holy existence.

Many times in the Bible God uses marriage of a man and woman to teach about true love. He starts immediately in Genesis creating the first marriage and instructing man and woman to “leave father and mother and join together as one.” Gen 2:24 That is exactly what Jesus did. He left His father, His home, His security and everything He knew and He came to us! (He never asks us to do that which He was not willing to do) God asks husbands to personify for their family who God is. What a massive responsiblity. Not unlike the responsibility Jesus took when saving human kind. Husbands are to give up, submit and Love their wives. Eph 5:25 Again, look at Jesus example to us of true Love. He sacrificed His lifestyle as a King of the Universe so that He could live eternally with us. He wants us to do the same thing in marriage because it is a reflection of our True Love for our spouse.

Love takes great courage. A lot is being said about courage right now. A great movie was written and wonderful song was recorded. We are talking about courage! Imagine how much courage it took for Jesus to die. Be strong and of good courage; Do not fear or be afraid. Deut 31:6

2Tim 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”  If you are afraid and the fear you have is keeping you from moving forward into the life God has called you to then you are NOT living in Love. God’s love gives us the courage to love, to die, to sacrifice everything and to commit to it. He longs for us experience true love in this way. He made us for this “Commit your way unto me, The Lord. Trust in Me and I will bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5  Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. Prov 16:3

Jesus had the courage to sacrifice,

 The commitment to die and

 the True Love that was required to redeem us.

What is True Love? How do we recognise it?

True love will spur us on to do more, become more and try more than we are comfortable doing for another person. True love will give us courage to go beyond ourselves and give up, cash in and lay down our very existence for someone else. True love enables us to reflect Jesus in our homes, our words, our sacrifices, our money, our relationships and our responsibilities.

All this without stopping to think “Is it worth it?”


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