So it has been a while since I last wrote on here. Life happens as we know! I am really thinking about women of the Bible lately. What I can learn from them, positive and negative. From the first woman to the last…is there really any difference  between us? What happened in their lives waaay back then that can impact our lives now. How did they handle their families? Their relationships? Their hurts? Their Joys? Their mistakes? How did they relate to God and How did God relate to them. What makes these particular women special? Special enough to be among the few women mentioned in the bible?

They were mothers, wives, singles, children, widows, daughters and grandmothers. Some lived hard stories and some lived blessed stories. Each had to come to God. Sounds so much like our storied doesn’t it?

Please, Join me and learn more about the women who influence us even now…women who walked before us. I will start with Eve. Give me a few days to do a great study on our first “mother” and then we’ll discuss her!

Talk To You Then!



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