Lady of Security

I bought a security system to protect my children and I while we sleep. I sleep better knowing that if someone were to come in to my home,  my alarm would activate and wake the entire neighborhood it’s so loud! (I know this because I once set if off accidentally) I also sleep with a tazer next to my bed. If anyone breaks in and they survive the deafening alarm…the wont be able to handle mad mama with tazer!

God made women with a desire to feel protected and a need to be looked after. I don’t want to have to protect my family. I would much rather allow someone else do it. Now I know, many of you will disagree…but down in the heart level…dont you long for someone to protect you with their love?

As a single woman, I do my best to protect my family from invaders, bad friends, bad choices and the influence of this world. I also sleep better when I am in a house with a man in it! I am not embarrassed by that…MEN were made to be physical warriors. Women were made to be relational warriors. Both beautifully reflecting God in different ways.

As a single woman I am aware that I can easily put my security in the wrong place. I can rely on my alarm system, my father, my brothers, my boyfriend (if i have one) or in my tazer. But how can I be secure in my love life?

My love life…what love life some of you ask? Are you secure in having NO love life? A few months ago I had to come to realize that No man can give you security…not the security that your heart longs for, ONLY God can do that. I so often find myself micromanaging relationships. I want to know where he is, who he is talking to, who he is with. Insecurity in a relationship forces you to cling, be needy and have lack of confidence in yourself. Do you revolve your life around a man and put all your effort into that relationship and become devastated when he lets you down. In essence are you saying “I must get the best for myself because God may not give it to me.”

The truth is ladies, you have a choice; you can either choose God’s best for you or Your best for you. I am hedging my future on the God of the Universe. Many women want to marry as badly as they want to go to heaven. How sad is that?   you  must believe that God will take care of you regardless of your marital status. It is freeing to trust him and let him show you his dependable love for you. God will NEVER let you down.
“Lord, You will not allow my heart to be broken again if I leave it with You. I trust you to keep me calm and waiting on Your best timing.”  ~Debby


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