Preface to Lady in Waiting

I was so excited to pick up this book.  I have been looking  for leadership on finding my complete self  in Jesus. This is the book I needed. In the preface they explain that this book is for all single women no matter their reason for being single…but married women can use this too. This book is intended to nudge us closer to God while acknowledging and helping us deal with those heart desires of love, cherishing and family.

This is not a book with formulas!! YAY!! This book is about me, about you, about all women who need to go through the waiting time and how to be content in that waiting time. Will we waste our single years bemoaning the fact that God has not yet sent us our mate? Will we cry and nash our teeth b/c we are lonely? Will we waste our time pursuing a man instead of pursuing God and trusting that HIS plan is the best plan for us. That he will bring us the mate we are intended and he will be our heavenly fiance!

I LOVE that heavenly fiance. This made me want to put on facebook that I am in a relationship with Jesus Christ…I want to go buy myself a pretty ring and wear in on my hand in acknowledgment that HE is my heavenly bridegroom! This excited me more than just about anything else in the preface of this book. I am loved. I am engaged. I am cherished by the ONLY one who can really, really, really touch my heart and soul. The King of the Universe is my fiance!

I want to be the woman who recklessly abandons myself to Jesus, diligently uses her single days, trusts God with unwavering faith,  demonstrates virtue in my life, loves God with devotion, is pure in thought and emotion, lives securely in Jesus, is content with my life, makes good choices based on Godly convictions and most importantly trust and waits patiently for God to meet my every need.


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