Abusive Spiritual Isolation; My Story

  Healing takes time. 8 years later, I still find myself discovering new patterns to the abuse I endured for 15 years. I often go back and reread some of the blog posts I've written here. Sometimes I can improve on them, update them or just revisit my thoughts while I was writing them. I... Continue Reading →


NPR and Julie Owens The Complexities Behind Domestic Violence

Listening to "ON POINT" from NPR. My friend Julie Owens is the professional being interviewed this morning. One of the BEST interviews about Domestic Abuse I've ever heard!!! http://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2018/05/11/the-complexities-behind-domestic-violence

Types of Verbal Abuse #11-15

According to Patricia Evan’s in The Verbally Abusive Relationship, There are 15 different types of verbal abuse: Purchase her book here: http://www.patriciaevans.com/  **You can find Types of Verbal Abuse #1-5 HERE **You can find Types of Verbal Abuse #6-11 HERE 11. Name Calling ~"You are a cruel, cruel woman." He held the door open to the van... Continue Reading →


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